Thursday, 13 February 2014

You know your ASD child is ill when ....

there's an eerie silence indoors and no one is bouncing off the walls. Or in our case only one child out of 2 who have ASD are running on full cylinders. For some it may be a relief to have a child that is constantly on the go, zonked out on the floor but I have to say I've missed the energy of our 5 year old.

He's been struck down with a high temperature since Sunday night and is now on antibiotics for tonsillitis. He was not impressed with his medicine as instead of the normal yellow coloured one, he was given pink medicine. He informs me it is girls' medicine so he can't take it!! With some persuasion and incentives he now has two days worth of antibiotics inside him and he has improved today and his cheeky ways are slowly returning. By the weekend he will no doubt be trying to be Spider-Man and I'll be tearing my hair out, but I would much rather have a happy, hyperactive boy who goes into frequent meltdowns than a boy who just flops on the floor.

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