Sunday, 2 February 2014


Following on from my last post, where we are encouraging our daughter to focus on the positive things that happen each day, this week she had her first session in CBT, otherwise known as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

CBT looks at how people deal with situations by exploring their thought patterns and how this impacts upon their behaviour and the way they deal with their emotions.  As people with ASD often have low self esteem, we are hoping that this technique will help our daughter realise that she can overcome anything in life and change negative thought patterns.  It is a structured process which is key to working with someone who has ASD.

The first task is to keep a thought diary of how you feel during each waking hour for 7 days.  Much to our daughter's delight, I am joining in and will keep my own thought diary as well. 

CBT will be done over a number of sessions and once the initial thought diary has been done, your CBT Guide will go through various techniques that may help change negative thought patterns and reduce anxiety. 

Our CBT Guide is Sarah Polack.  Contact her via twitter @CBTguide.

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