Monday, 23 February 2015

Stage Performance

Our daughter performed in another show at the weekend with the drama group and dance school she attends. I was amazed by how much her confidence has grown in the past few months and was so proud watching her perform on stage. This is her passion and she spends every waking moment singing, acting out lines from films she's watched or practising her dance moves. I think she knows most lines from the Harry Potter movies as they are watched over and over again. She is now teaching our youngest son all the spells from the movies and I keep finding him appearing with a wand shouting out 'reparo, lumos, accio'.  

As is common with ASD children once they find a passion their life revolves around it until they find a new one to obsess about. This is a good one for our daughter to have as she can struggle with social interaction, but she can use her knowledge of dance, songs and films as a great conversation opener with her peer group. It gives her confidence in social situations and helps her to feel that she fits in. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What a difference the sunshine makes

I’ve been quiet on the blog front for the past couple of week as I’m still recovering from a virus that I’ve had since Christmas and has totally wiped me out.  From talking to other people, I think half the population has succumbed to a virus of some description this winter.  Our youngest son came home from school last Wednesday screaming with earache and six days later, he is only just starting to be himself again.  Yesterday he slept for 14 hours, which is unheard of in our house, as he rarely needs more than 8 hours a night.  A sure sign that he is not 100%. 

Seeing the sunshine today though has lifted the pair of us.  It’s amazing how the weather affects everyone’s mood and hopefully now as it gradually stays lighter for longer each night, the gloom of winter will lift and we can enjoy spending more time outdoors.  Our son is certainly happiest when he’s outside burning off his ‘Duracell bunny’ energy.  I enjoy walking Ludo, our puppy far more when I don’t have to wrap up in lots of layers and can feel my fingers!!  Here's hoping today is the start of things to come and spring is on its way.