Friday, 15 July 2016

Rollover Day Success

Our daughter attended two rollover days last week to her new upper school.  After making the decision in October last year to go to a new school without her friends, we were anticipating last week to be difficult and that she would put up a resistance to attending.  She has blown us away with how well she took to both days and she is excited to be starting there in September.  It has been harder to get her to go back to her middle school this week, as she feels she has outgrown it now and can’t wait for the new challenges that uppers school offers.   We know there will be blips in the new term, but to begin on such a high note, is more than we ever expected and will make the summer holidays easier for her, as she won’t be worrying about what lies ahead of her.

Now she can enjoy her final week of middle school with a Prom to attend, trip to Thorpe Park and a celebration assembly.  Next Friday, she will close a chapter on her life which has seen her blossom from a 9 year old girl who wouldn’t say boo to a goose and was very nervous about starting a new school to a 13 year old who knows what she wants from life and she’s determined enough to reach her goals.

The main thing we want her to remember is that the friendships she has made in middle school can be carried forward.  She has a tendency to end friendships when she moves onto pastures new.  We are trying to teach her that it is ok to have friends from different parts of her life and hopefully now she is maturing, she will understand this.