Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Shining Rugby Star

Our eldest son played with his school rugby team in the area finals today. It was an opportunity for me to watch him play, as each Sunday I only get to hear what has happened when he plays with his rugby club, rather than see him in action. Our 2 ASD children do not like being out in the wet and cold weather and standing on muddy ground to support him.  Our youngest son also finds it too busy with all the families watching their kids and doesn't like people coming up to speak to him. As my husband is the team coach we can't share the joy of watching our son. 

Today I had the freedom to watch our eldest son play and it was wonderful to be able to cheer him on with his team mates. They played against 4 teams and finished the tournament as overall champions. I couldn't be prouder of the way that they all played and the team spirit they showed, cheering for the referee after each game. They will now play in the Winter Games next week representing East Beds in the rugby competition. 

To celebrate our son's success we will go out tonight as a family for a meal. It's going to be difficult as we haven't prepared our two ASD children for this change to the normal after school routine, but sometimes we have to be spontaneous as our eldest son deserves to be praised and enjoy the moment of today. 

We will need to go prepared and for our youngest son we will take a hooded top for him to shield himself from visual and auditory distractions. Our daughter will struggle with congratulating her brother as in 'her world' she has to be the best and her siblings can't be good in something even if it's a sport that she doesn't take part in. Her negative thinking will kick in, but we have CBT techniques we can use to help her and fortunately for us a parcel has arrived in the post today addressed to her from Nanny which will give her something positive to focus on.

This day belongs to our son and his team mates for a brilliant display of rugby. He often tries to hide his success as he is sensitive to his siblings' needs and feelings, but he deserves to be spoilt tonight.  I think he will like the trophy I have had engraved for him to mark his achievement for today.

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