Sunday, 19 January 2014

Water Beads - Sensory Fun

Squidgy, squelchy, slippery water beads are amazing sensory fun.  They start as little seed like balls which you put in a container and fill with a litre of water and 4 hours later they have transformed in size and texture. 

Water Beads before you add water

Water Beads after you have added a litre of water and left for 4 hours

They are great way for getting used to a wet texture and our daughter has been using them as a mini hand massage - covering her hand with them, as she finds the water beads relaxing to touch.  Our youngest son is having fun trying to pick them up with chop sticks – a fantastic way to learn fine motor skills.

They are not expensive and easy to order from Amazon.  I have yet to try, but it says once they dry out, they will revert back to their original size and then can be reused at a later date by adding more water to them.

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