Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trying to get fit!

One of my new year's resolution is to get fit and when I saw an advert for a local fitness centre doing free taster sessions I thought it was worth a go to see what they had on offer.  I talked one of my walking buddies into going and we planned to do kettlercise and pilates today. We hadn't realised that they would be full length classes and an hour of kettlercise turned out to be harder work than we had anticipated, especially after the festive break with no exercise and plenty of eating in excess!! 

Everyone was dressed in black fitness clothing and were slim. I had gone for comfort and had a loose fitting green t-shirt on. What I hadn't bargained for was floor to ceiling mirrors along one wall.  I took my place at the back of the room - it looked as if there was a green mountain on the horizon!! You do all the exercises for a minute which helps, as you feel as if the end is in sight and it's not too repetitive. We used a 2 kg weight but after holding it for half an hour my arms were aching and I was worried that I may lose my grip and launch the weight in the air or drop it on my head, as many of the exercises are done by lifting the weight above your head. 

We survived the hour and although my abdominal muscles were screaming in pain as they have not been worked that hard in a while, it felt good that I had completed the session and I have already bought a kettlercise weight to use at home to do shorter bursts of exercise. I'm not sure I can manage an hour long session again!!  Although our youngest son has found a use for it and has spent the afternoon carrying it around with him. It's great for his proprioception difficulties and he's incorporating it into the obstacle course he builds daily in our house.

My friend and I have now decided to start Boot Camp next weekend - we must be mad!!

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