Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hoping to have superhuman hearing

Since June last year, medical professionals have been unable to see either ear drum of our youngest son due to the amount of wax he has compacted into his ears by sticking his fingers in them.  After using 3 different types of eardrops over the past 7 months, our GP approved this month for him to have his ears syringed.  It is not something they do for 5 year olds very often, in case they wriggle as there’s a risk of perforating the ear drum. 

Today, he was a brave little man and sat still whilst his ears were syringed.  It was amazing to see how much wax could appear from someone so little and he was most interested to investigate what had been causing him discomfort.

The nurse told me to expect it to take a day for our son’s ears to readjust and we are waiting to see if removing the wax will make him more sensitive to noise, as he is not a big fan of loud noises, unless he is making it!!  Or he could become like his sister who can hear conversations that are taking place downstairs when she is upstairs in her bedroom!  We know he is hoping he will have superhuman hearing like Superman, one of his many superhero idols.

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