Monday, 23 March 2015

The confidence of being on stage

It’s been an action packed week for our daughter.  She performed in a school concert last Wednesday singing with the choir and playing her pbone, otherwise known as a plastic trombone and took part in rehearsals at school for their summer show – We Will Rock You.  Then last night she took to the West End stage for the fourth year running with her drama group, Vision Theatre Arts.  This year they were at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, home of the musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Olivia came home excited that she had spent the day backstage in the dressing room of the ‘oompa loompas’!!

It was a long day as they caught the train at 9.20am yesterday and we didn’t return home until 12.30am this morning!!  Getting up for school was more of a battle than normal, but she got there on time and with any luck will be tired tonight and want an early night.  I can live in hope!!  

Her drama group performed songs from Les Miserables and were magnificent.  Olivia takes on a different persona when on stage and like many children with ASD, she flourishes from being able to hide behind a character.  It is amazing for us, as parents to see the transformation that she takes on and to see her ooze with confidence, especially for someone who struggles on a daily basis with social and communication issues.  Having a script or a song to sing makes all the difference, as she knows what she has to do.  It’s there in black and white for her.

Belonging to a drama group has done wonders for Olivia’s self esteem and confidence and she has found an interest that she is passionate about.  Whilst she is performing, whether it be at school or in the West End she is living her dream.

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