Monday, 2 March 2015

Changing the Windows

This week our upstairs windows are being replaced which to most families is a slight inconvenience with the disruption it causes, but everyone can cope.  We have had to put a lot of preparation in place to ensure our two ASD children know what to expect and will not be alarmed when they come home from school today and find a mess in the house.  

As the style of window is changing slightly, I have prepared them with a picture of how it will look, so that they don’t get upset as it will look different.  We have had a similar problem before when we had our curtains replaced with blinds.  By the end of the first day of blinds being up, our youngest son had pulled down half of the vertical panels as it didn’t look the same as it had that morning.

Both of their bedroom windows are being replaced first so that after today, no one else needs to go in their bedrooms and we can get everything back to normal again in their rooms tonight.  I carefully moved all of our youngest son’s soft toys this morning from his room under his watchful eye as he didn’t want any of them to get dirty.  Our daughter spent most of yesterday tidying her bedroom so that there is a clear walkway from the door to the window and with any luck she will now decide to keep it that way.  Although this could be wishful thinking on my part!!

Thankfully, most of the drilling and banging should be finished before they get home from school, as from a sensory point of view, they would have both struggled with the level of noise and would not have enjoyed being confined indoors for the day.

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