Sunday, 13 April 2014

Visit to the Dentist

This week, it was time for our biannual check up at the dentist.  Our dentist is very good and makes the appointment as pain free as possible. All three kids started the appointment by fighting over who would sit in the chair last!! Once this had been decided, everyone took their turns to sit in the chair until it came to our youngest son.  He refused to sit on his own and instead sat on me and asked me to tightly hug him which helps to keep him calm.  One thing I had forgotten is that he doesn't like the light above the dentist chair and he asked me to cover his eyes. I have written a reminder in my diary for October to bring his sunglasses next time to help shut out the glare of the light. The dentist also suggested that the goal for our next visit is for our youngest son to sit on the dentist chair by himself. To help him with this all three kids have been playing 'dentists' this week taking it in turns to sit in a chair whilst the others play the role of dentist and dental nurse.  We'll have to keep practising and hope it works when we next see the dentist in October. 

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  1. With plenty of practice, your youngest would be confident enough to sit on the dentist's chair alone in no time. It really helps that he has someone to roleplay the dentist experience with. It must be really cute watching them go at it. Now this is a fun way for kids to not to be scared of going to the dentist. Thanks for the tip!
    Julie Romanelli @