Tuesday, 22 April 2014

End of the Easter Holidays

It has been a fun filled two and half weeks and I’m sad to see the kids going back to school tomorrow.  We’ve made the most of the time and been outdoors in the sunshine.  The kids have been riding their bikes, using roller skates, climbing trees, planting vegetables in the garden, spent a day at the seaside, visited a local zoo and had friends over to play.  Fortunately it is a short half term with only four and half weeks before the next holiday, which will then be a camping trip for us, so will be stressful in itself for our ASD children as it is a change to their normal routine and will need a lot of preparation over the coming weeks.

Before I can even think of camping, we have a few other things to deal with that are coming up.  This week our youngest son’s class are doing an assembly in front of parents and he has already started to panic about it.  I have been able to calm him today and tell him that there is no need for him to worry, as I have already got permission from the head teacher for our son to go into school late that day, rather than take part in assembly.  His anxiety about standing up in front of people overwhelms him and until he feels comfortable doing this, it is not fair to put him under unnecessary stress.  Until Friday morning has arrived, he will ask us each day if he needs to stand up in front of school.

Our daughter is in Year 6 and has 4 days of SATS tests next month, followed by a residential school trip the week after.  Both of these events are liable to cause her a huge amount of stress and will need preparation both at school and home.  

It may be a short half term, but a lot is going to happen, so I think I will eat up my Easter chocolate this week to give me the energy to match my restless ASD children, who are likely not to sleep well and worry about everything until their moments of anxiety have passed.

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