Monday, 24 March 2014

Quality Time with our 'Neurotypical' Son

On Saturday I enjoyed the opportunity to share our eldest son's passion of rugby. My husband and I took him to Wembley to watch Saracens vs. Harlequins. He went as part of his rugby team and they paraded on the pitch with their club before the game begun. I have never been to Wembley before and soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the entertainment on the pitch before the game, as well as seeing my son's face light up whilst he watched the game and tried his best to share the laws of the game with me. I'm not sure I've remembered them but to see him relaxed, continuously smiling and so happy was the biggest reward of the day for me. 

He is a happy boy by nature, caring and extremely sensitive to his siblings needs and understands that at home sometimes their demands, meltdowns etc can take over a situation. However, a day out like we had on Saturday gives us all the chance to have some much needed quality time together away from the pressures of family life with ASD. 

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