Sunday, 16 March 2014

Party girl

Our daughter went to a disco last night for a friend's birthday party. As she struggles with friendships due to her ASD, it's not often that she receives invitations for parties so she was both excited and nervous about the prospect of going. Fortunately it started an hour after her 3 hour theatre arts group she attends each Saturday, so she had very little time to worry about it. 

When we arrived at the party she was a little hesitant about going into the disco as she couldn't see a familiar face. She looked like a frightened rabbit staring back at you in your headlights. I felt guilty about leaving her on her own but but she was brave and went in. 

She was happy when she came home and said she had entered a talent competition at the party doing a dance show and they came second. Participating in an activity that she loves and is able to hide behind, boosts her confidence and self esteem. 

Sometimes it is necessary to put our ASD children in situations that they may find stressful so that they can come out the other side and realise they can face their fears and succeed. 

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