Monday, 9 September 2013

Wow Chart

I am always looking for new ideas of how to help our children cope with their ASD and the challenging behaviour it often presents. It is common for ASD children to have low self esteem and it can be hard to boost. I have come across a strategy of highlighting a child's achievements for the week - a ‘Wow Chart’.  I have been trialling it on all 3 kids for the past week and so far it has been a huge success. They each have their own Wow Chart (have attached an example below) and different achievements are noted during the week.  This can be simple things that are causing a problem for them like using cutlery for dinner each day, being ready to leave on time for school each morning to an accomplishment at school.  Yesterday I tried to use it to encourage our youngest son to go on the rugby pitch for his second training session.  He joined in 3 short activities and spent no more than 5 minutes out of 2 hours on the pitch, but for every time he joined in, I awarded him a ‘Wow’.  It’s only a small step, but if it helps to boost his confidence and make him realise that he is as able as everyone else around him, it will do wonders for his self esteem.
Once the kids have 4 Wows they are able to choose a treat from an old sweet jar we have at home.  The treats range from bargains that I have found in Poundland, to cards that have rewards written on them e.g. 20 minutes to play on the iPad, watch a DVD of their choice at the weekend, stay up 30 minutes later on a Friday night.  I may have to raise the bar and increase the number of Wows they need to earn a treat as they all got a reward within a couple of days!!  Although it’s not a bad thing to make the initial treat happen quickly, as it keeps them motivated. 
Our daughter has already developed her own plan where she wants to save up her Wows, so instead of getting a treat after 4, she goes for 12 and then gets the next Horrible Histories comic that is due out in the shops next week. 

Wow Chart

Earn 4 wows and you can choose a reward from the jar

Tidied room with no fuss!!
Went back to school on first day with no fuss!!
Chosen as form book monitor at school
Helped brother

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