Saturday, 20 July 2013

Me Time

What’s that I hear you ask?!!  I know the feeling, as there have been plenty of times where I feel ready to scream when my 3 children who all have different needs, seem to want part of me all the time.  I have learnt over time though, that I do have to pencil in time for me to do something I want to do, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, so that I feel like a person again, rather than just a ‘mum’. Don’t get me wrong I love my role of mum, but I am allowed to do things for me as well.  It has taken me a long time to realise this and I still feel guilty when I do something for me, but I’m a much happier person afterwards, so know it’s the right thing to do.

Since Easter I’ve been doing Zumba on a Monday night with some friends – my coordination has not improved over the past few months and I do wonder if I will ever move in the same direction as the rest of the class!!  It’s a great laugh though and the 1980s AHA track ‘Take on Me’ seems to be forever in my head, as we do one of our longest routines to the song. 

Last weekend, I completed my first Race for Life and we aimed big and went straight for the 10k.  Although, I hasten to add we walked and not ran.  I’ve now signed up to do the Starlight Hike in September, another 10k race, but held at night time.  Hoping that will be easier than the heat we experienced last week.

You would think I would be super fit with all this exercise, but alas I still weigh the same that I did when our youngest son was born 5 years ago.  I can no longer use the excuse of excess baby weight, now that he’s about to enter Year 1 at school in September.  Clearly, the quantity of chocolate I eat is connected with my extra middle!! 

I love to read and enjoy writing.  This year I have completed an Open University course in Autism and another one through the NAS on Aspergers.  I managed to do the last course through obtaining a carers training grant from our local carers charity.  If you are registered with your local carers group, it is worth looking at to the services they provide.  As well as information and support groups, they run training sessions.  I had a go this term at a painting class.  I'm not going to be the next Monet, but I came away so relaxed that it has given me a new interest to enjoy at home.  Our 8 year old son loves artwork, so it’s something I can sit and do with him as well for some quality time together.  Our local group, Carers in Bedfordshire has a range of activities – photography, walking, meditation, IT skills etc.  If you live in Bedfordshire, are a carer, check it out at

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