Friday, 2 September 2016

Summer Holidays are nearly over!!

The summer holidays have sped by this year and on Tuesday the kids will be back to school.  It's scary how quick the time has disappeared but we have also done so much in the past 5 1/2 weeks and our bucket lists have been ticked off. 

Notable highlights have been 10 days camping in Devon with only 1 day of rain. After a deluge of rain last year when we went away (we woke up to find a small river in our tent last year!), we've had two holidays this year full of glorious sunshine as not a drop of rain touched us when we went to Bude in May half term. Whilst we were in Devon our youngest son became an animal keeper for the day. It was a wonderful experience where he had the chance to handle creepy crawlies, muck out farm animals and feed deer, wallabies and meerkats. Our eldest son went on a two day rugby training camp with Exeter Chiefs and was unfortunate that the only day of rain we had fell on his first day of training. Five hours in torrential rain followed by that day's wet kit being left in a bag until we got back home to wash it, is not the best combination!! However, he enjoyed himself and can't wait for the rugby season to begin again this weekend.

As well as going away we have had day trips to London to visit the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace and London Zoo. We've met up with friends and had days to chill at home - the kids have found forgotten toys and board games.  Local days out to go blackberry picking and exploring the countryside in hidden gems we've never been to before like Rutland Water have been enjoyable for all.

Our daughter spent a week with our nieces to enjoy some girlie time.  It's the closest she's going to get to having a sister! She's now raring to start her new school next week.  Something I never envisaged myself saying a year ago. Even the early morning starts which aren't her forte don't seem to be worrying her.  I'm sure it won't be all plain sailing but it's a positive start.

Our eldest son will go into Y7 and is looking forward to a year of just him at school. He's always been at school with his sister or younger brother. Now he says he can just be himself for a year and no one's brother when he's at school.  He's going to start 2 new lessons which he's excited about - Performing Arts and PE coaching.

Next week will start the final year for our youngest son at lower school.  This term we will look round what will be his middle school next year.  Fortunately he has been there many times with his sister and brother so is familiar with the building, although the transition to moving there next September is likely to be huge for him but we have a year to prepare him.

Although, this summer holidays is almost over, we are already planning next year's and have a week of glamping booked  and have just found out today we have got tickets for the World Athletics Championship in London next August.  So we are already off to a good start of fun activities to look forward to.  

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