Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Anxiety of Rollover Day

Last Friday was rollover day and all 3 kids approached it with trepidation as none are happy with their choice of teachers for next year. In the case of our neurotypical son, he has just realised he's had a teacher who has had a gentle approach to teaching this year. His new teacher will push him to reach his ability and won't put up with any nonsense which as parents we are happy about. He's not as keen!! 

Our daughter has two form teachers next year and the whole class appear to dislike one of them as he has a reputation for shouting. As Friday isn't one of his teaching days he didn't attend rollover day which has not helped to calm our daughter's fears of what he will be like. For the past two years her form teacher has not taught any subjects and just taken the register and done form time so hopefully next year will be no different. It will be her last year at middle school before she enters a very different world in upper school. After being in a school with 550 pupils, she will leave in a year's time to begin Year 9 with each year group containing 300 children. It's a whole different ballgame and provision is already being put in place at her current school to help with this transition. We've told her to make the most of the upcoming year as it will only increase her confidence.  She has transformed in the last 3 years from a quiet little girl who refused support from anyone to a confident 12 year old who will seek out support. She's even taken on the role of being a big buddy next year to help the new Year 5 students. Something we wouldn't have dreamed she would have contemplated even a year ago. Slowly she is beginning to realise she is a talented girl who has a lot to offer to others and with the help of an amazing Inclusion Manager she has blossomed at school.

Our youngest son has the most changes to cope with as he approaches Year 3. He will have two teachers for his class with one teaching 3 days a week and another 2 days a week. It is not an option we would have selected for him but now we have to make sure it works for him. Not knowing what to expect with two teachers who will have different teaching styles is causing him a lot of anxiety already. On top of this he has three new TAs to get used to who will be working with the class and one will meet him in the playground each day and be a backup if his 1:1 is not in school one day. It is a lot of changes for any child to cope with, let alone someone who relies on consistency and routine. Photos have been provided for home of all new staff and a transition booklet will be given for the holidays, so that he knows what will stay the same in Year 3 with pictures of what his new classroom will look like and where his peg etc will be. 

September is probably going to be a stressful month in our house, but we are prepared for that and will be there to support all three children. 

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