Friday, 24 April 2015

The World of Harry Potter

Our daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and has watched all the films over and over again and as a result she can act out lots of the lines.  She’s in the process of reading the sixth book, has done projects for herself on the characters as well as bought lots of Harry Potter memorabilia.  We’ve been to the Harry Potter Studios a couple of years ago and I’ve just booked to go back for another trip in June as a joint birthday treat for our daughter and our youngest son, who is now turning into a big fan as well.  Although it's going to need a lot of preparation work for him, as he doesn't like busy places, crowds, queuing up, which is something you will experience when you go there.  However, with a social story and a sensory rucksack in place, he should be able to cope with the visit.  If not, we are hoping that the Harry Potter shop at the end of the tour will be enough to keep him going to get round the studios.  He has a huge wish list of what he wants to buy!!

This week our daughter has amazed me with her knowledge of the films and made a canvas for her wall, which is filled with quotes from the characters from the films.  She knows which scene and film, the quotes are all from. 

If you have a child who does not enjoy the academic side of life, having an interest or some may say an obsession like this is a healthy way to motivate your child to work.  It can also help them to socially interact, as they will have a topic that they are comfortable to talk about.  Harry Potter gives our daughter a lot of pleasure, whether it’s from watching the films, reading the books or being able to talk about them.  The only downside in her eyes is that she wasn’t born when they cast the first film, as she sees herself as Hermione.

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