Friday, 2 January 2015

Things aren't normal!!

This has been our youngest son's favourite phrase during the school holidays. The Christmas tree came down after five days to try and reduce stress as each night we were greeted with hours of screaming that 'things aren't normal'. 

New toys quickly found homes in bedrooms as it wasn't 'normal' to have them out - it takes awhile for our ASD children to get used to their new possessions and it maybe months before they are used properly.

My husband has been off since Christmas Eve with just one day back to work on New Year's Eve which has caused our ASD children anxiety as it's not the normal weekly routine. Daddy should be at work Monday - Friday and at home on weekends. 

Plus rugby will have had its' third Sunday off this week for the Christmas break which means my husband and eldest son have been at home on Sunday mornings. I appreciate the break, as our daughter has not had drama during this time either, so it has been the first three weekends since the beginning of September where we have had the whole time to ourselves.  Unfortunately though, this isn't 'normal' either in the world of our ASD children and has upset their routine.

Lets hope going back to school on Tuesday will seem 'normal'!!

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