Sunday, 18 May 2014

School Residential Trip

Tomorrow our daughter embarks on a geography field trip. From the tantrums we've experienced this weekend the stress of the unknown is showing. The school has provided a detailed itinerary of the activities that will be carried out each day and we have seen the place they are staying in on the internet. However, not knowing what the food will be when you are a picky eater, who you will be sharing a room with or who you will sit next to on the coach are big worries for a child who insists on routine and knowing what is going to happen in advance of it occurring. 

Fortunately it is only a 3 day trip and the days look so full with activities that fingers crossed it will be a successful trip and our daughter will come home excited to tell us about her adventures and the fun that she has experienced away with the school.

To prepare our ASD son for our daughter going away, we have a countdown chart to show how many sleeps until she goes away and from tomorrow, I will make another one for how many sleeps until she comes home.  Otherwise, he will not be very accepting of her coming back into the house on Wednesday.  We had a similar problem last year when she went on her first school residential trip and our son wouldn't speak to her for a couple of days, as he found it hard to accept that she had come home again.  He couldn't cope with the change to his normal routine. The added difficulty this week is that my husband is also away on a business trip, so it's a week full of changes.  Here's hoping it goes smoothly, otherwise I'll have a week of no sleep and lots of meltdowns!!

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