Saturday, 21 December 2013

We need to look after ourselves

I am a great one for giving advice to friends to look after themselves but rarely follow it myself!! Last week saw me struck down with the flu and resulted in me being in bed for nearly 3 days which is unheard of for me. By now I should have learnt, as every year near Christmas I get run down due to the extra anxiety Christmas puts on our youngest son, which results in him sleeping less than normal and being wound up like a 'Duracell bunny'. This in turn means I sleep less and my immune system plummets and I seem to pick up any germ that is going!   

Losing 3lbs over the past week may help kick start my annual get fit/weight loss campaign for the new year. However, I'm also going to use it as a wake up call to remind myself that I need to take time out to relax, eat regular, healthy meals, exercise and have fun so that I can stay fit and healthy.  

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