Monday, 14 October 2013

Strategy to be organised

In the summer holidays we stayed at Center Parcs and our daughter found the blackboard that they had up in the living area a great way to plan ahead for our day's activities, as she could list them out, rub them off at the end of the day, then start again.  I promised her that I would buy chalkboard paint for her bedroom and this weekend I have painted a big area on one of her walls as a blackboard.  She is over the moon and has already written her activities up for the week and our youngest son has drawn a picture of the two of them.  It is proving to be a big hit and both sons want me to paint an area in their bedrooms now.

My only word of caution if you do this in your own home is that it is a messy job - the paint is quite runny and it took 3 coats to get a blackboard effect.  It is meant to be magnetic, but that aspect of the paint doesn't seem to be working!!  The paint has a strong smell and so we turned this into an adventure by letting the children sleep in a tent in the living room for the weekend. 

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