Sunday, 4 August 2013

Swimming at a Special Needs Group

Swimming is a difficult activity to do with our youngest son as he has an aversion to water.  Bathtime has always been traumatic as he doesn’t like to get wet.

However, with the help of a special needs swimming group which we can access once a week for an hour at our local pool, he now gets into the small pool. He has yet to let his arms and feet leave the safety of us or the side of the pool but it is a huge step forward. It gives us the opportunity to do something as a family as our other two children love swimming.  Until you have children with ASD you do not realise that It can be difficult to enjoy family activities altogether. More often than not we will do separate activities with each of our children as it reduces the stress for everyone involved.

Our youngest son hates getting splashed so this club gives him the chance to enjoy a swimming pool with only a few people around him. There's generally a maximum of 20 people so it is not noisy and the lights are normally dimmed which helps with sensory issues.   
It was by pure luck that we came across the special needs swimming group so it is worth investigating if something similar exists in your area. 
Unfortunately, using this facility has not helped bathtime at home, as he still prefers to stand up in the smallest amount of water possible and not let us clean him, as that would involve getting wet.  We get through a lot of wet wipes each week to ensure he is clean!! 

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